Long John Silvers Coupons

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Long John Silvers

Long John Silver Restaurants, founded in 1969, was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic book Treasure Island. They are the world’s most popular quick-service seafood chain with more than 1,200 locations around the globe. Their menu includes: family meals, variety baskets, combo platters, sides, sandwiches, lobster bites, kids meals, desserts and more.

They have a long history of serving tasty meals featuring batter dipped fish, chicken and shrimp, along with fries, coleslaw and hushpuppies and more. And now they even have a new Freshside Grille menu, which includes premium ingredients and is designed to be tasty, yet lower in fat.  Be sure to check out the Long John Silver Menu, to see their all of of their tasty seafood choices.

Long John Silvers Coupons


Where to Get Long John Silver’s Coupons

There are a number of places you can look for Long John Silver’s coupons:

  1. Long John Silver’s coupons can sometimes be found in your weekly newspaper.
  2. Long John Silver’s is currently offering a free crispy breaded fish coupon when you register or their $20,000 sweepstakes
  3. Long John Silver’s launched an online coupons website during October 2009. In order to print coupons, you need to register by providing your name, zip code, age, mobile phone number, email address, and gender. You also need to indicate whether or not you have children, and how often you eat at Long John Silver’s. After registering, you can access printable coupons directly from the official site.
  4. Long John Silver’s coupons can occasionally be found on third party Internet coupon websites, but these websites usually just link back to the official Long John Silver’s website.

Long John Silver’s Coupon Policy

  1. All Long John Silver’s coupons have an expiration date. While some individual stores may honor coupons past their expiration date, most will not.
  2. Printable coupons from the Long John Silver’s website will carry codes that are input when the coupon is used. These coupons may only be used once, so make sure you are using an original, not a photocopy.


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